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What is COST 723?

If you want to know know what a COST Action is, try the official COST web site. If you can read German you can also try the COST site at DLR. Finally, there is some general information about COST at the site of COST-Transport.

COST Action 723 will provide value-added quality-controlled datasets of geophysical parameters (e.g., ozone and water vapor) which are believed to be important for the study of radiative, dynamical, and photochemical processes in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere altitude region (5 km above and below the tropopause).

The Structure of COST 723
Click on the image to view the pdf file of the COST poster prepared by Marion Müller

Hitherto, there has been little information on these geophysical parameters in this region. The Action will contribute toward making the best use of observations, models and assimilation algorithms, and toward the definition of new strategies for future research.

The file SPARC_April2002_sbuehler.ppt contains a presentation about COST 723, which was given at the 2. German SPARC Workshop in Frankfurt, April 8.-9., 2002.

To learn more details, please have a look at the MoU and the draft workplan, which can both be found under "Documents".

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