COST723 Data Exploitation and Modeling for the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere esflogo

Information for BibTeX Users

The file refs_cost.bib contains BibTeX records for COST 723 related publications. The list on the web page is created automatically from that file. The file uses the journal name definitions in the files j_abbr.bib or alternatively j_full.bib.

The miracle is performed by a Matlab program that has been originally written by Patrick Eriksson and has been adapted for the SAT groups needs by Stefan Buehler. The program resides in two files, cost_www.m and publications.m.

The BibTeX records make use of the special fields doi and eid which have been introduced for AGU "Digital Object Identifiers" and "Citation Numbers" (="Electroninc Identifiers"). See the documentation on the AGU homepage for details. It is recommended that you also use the standard LaTeX package "url", which takes care of correct line breaking of URL and DOIS.

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