COST723 Data Exploitation and Modeling for the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere esflogo

COST 723 Final Workshop


Sofia, Bulgaria


May 17-19, 2006



The goal of the workshop is to review the work that has been carried out in the last two years in the three action areas (1) UTLS datasets, (2) UTLS data assimilation, and (3) UTLS scientific data application.

Planned Schedule

Wed   17 May: 9 am - 6 pm
Thurs 18 May: 9 am - 6 pm (followed by poster session)
Fri   19 May: 9 am - 1 pm

The Management Committee (MC) meeting will be held Fri 19 May 2 pm - 6 pm.

If you have any questions, get in touch with William Lahoz <swslahoz (at) reading (dot) ac (dot) uk>


Follow the link below to register your workshop contribution. We need this information to set up the workshop program and agenda.

After submitting the web registration form you will be asked to print, fill in, sign, and send also a paper registration which asks for your accommodation preferences and is needed by the local organizers.

Registration Deadline: Extended to 28. February 2006

Registered Participants

Alexandrov, Vassil (Bulgaria)
Aņel Cabanelas, Juan Antonio (Spain)
Barja, Boris (Cuba)
Buehler, Stefan (Germany)
Cziczo, Daniel (Switzerland)
de la Torre Ramos, Laura (Spain)
De Muer, Dirk (TC Rapporteur)
Dier, Horst (Germany)
Eleftheratos, Kostas (Greece)
Feist, Dietrich (Switzerland)
Glavcheva, Milena (Bulgaria)
gupta, Shilpy (India)
Haefele, Alexander (Switzerland)
Henriques, Diamantino (Portugal)
Jaczewski, Adam (Poland)
John, Viju Oommen (Germany)
Kaempfer, Niklaus (Switzerland)
Kanawade, Vijay (INDIA)
Kivi, Rigel (Finland)
Kois, Bogdan (Poland)
Kolev, Staytcho (Bulgaria)
Kyro, Esko (Finland)
Lahoz, William (United Kingdom)
Leiterer, Ulrich (Germany)
Mitzeva, Rumjna (Bulgaria)
Nieto, Raquel (Spain)
Paukkunen, Ari (Finland)
Petrova, Savka (Bulgaria)
Ricaud, Philippe (France)
Ryabinin, Vladimir (WMO)
Rydberg, Bengt (Sweden)
Savtchenko, Aglika (Bulgaria)
Simeonov, Valentin (Switzerland)
Spichtinger, Peter (Switzerland)
Tsenova, Boryana (Bulgaria)
Urban, Stepan (Czech Republic)
Vaughan, Geraint (United Kingdom)
Zelinger, Zdenek (Czech Republic)

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