COST723 Data Exploitation and Modeling for the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere esflogo

WG 1 expert meeting on the LAUTLOS campaign at Lindenberg, August 24-27, 2004.

For details on the meeting, please look at the word document or the pdf file.

Meeting place and time

Lindenberg (Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg, Am Observatorium 12, D-15848 Tauche/OT Lindenberg, Germany)

For the participants is reserved the Hotel/Gasthof Simke in 1 km distance of the Observatory.


  1. Presentation and discussion of the state of art of the LAUTLOS data base.
  2. Presentation of the final (preliminary final) corrected data for each instrument flown/measured during the LAUTLOS-campaign which will used as basis for instrument comparisons.
  3. Agreements on different time and vertical height resolutions [10 s (50 m), 20 s (100 m), or 1 hour, 1 day (for microwave), 1-2 km].
  4. Agreements on the graphs of the differences between the methods/instruments
  5. Agreements for the corrections, working ranges and claimed accuracy and total uncertainty
  6. Agreements on further research work related to the scientific aims of the LAUTLOS-experiment
  7. Agreements on planned publications
  8. Agreement on further activities next LAUTLOS-Meeting in 2005

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