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COST 723 Contributions at the EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, April 2003

This page lists oral and poster contributions of COST 723 members to the Joint Assembly, sorted by working group. (If you want, you can jump directly to WG2, or WG3)

Working Group 1

Authors Title Abstract Contribution
Claudia Emde, Stefan Buehler, Patrick Eriksson, Oliver Lemke, Sreerekha T.R. Modelling polarized radiation in a 3D spherical cloudy atmosphere abstract.txt
Jungang Miao, Klaus-Peter Johnsen, Stefan Buehler A cloud classification scheme based on 183.31 GHz radiometric measurements from satellites EAE03-J-08455.pdf

Working Group 2

Authors Title Abstract Contribution
The ASSET team The ASSET project asset_brochure_print.pdf
W.A.Lahoz, A.O'Neill, R.Bannister, R.Brugge, A.Geer, S.Migliorini The 2002 Antarctic major warming EGS-AGU_2003_SH_warming.pdf
H.Elbern, D.Klasen, J.Schwinger, A.Strunk, A.Klioutchnikova Specific problems of chemistry data assimilation in tropospheric versus stratospheric models ts_comparison_v2.pdf

Working Group 3

Authors Title Abstract Contribution
C.S.Zerefos, K.Eleftheratos, D.Balis, P.Zanis, C.Meleti, G.Tselioudis and K.Kourtidis Effects of natural perturbations on cirrus clouds eae03-j-00628-1.pdf poster_egs_2003_cirrus.ppt
G.Vaughan Distribution of ozone in the UTLS utlsabso3.pdf egstalk03.pdf
C.Cambridge, G.Vaughan, L.Dean, G.M.Hansford, L.E.Eden, R.A.Freshwater, K.Turnbull, D.E.Hadaway, V.P.Ostanin, R.L.Jones Comparison of water vapour soundings in the upper troposphere utwaterabs.pdf utwater1.PNG

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